Tuesday, July 19, 2005

You People

Why do you all do this? Now you say my mother is fake? I set this blog up for her. I did all of the work and my name is never even mentioned. My so-called “sister” is fucking all over this blog and I don’t even have a sister. She saw this girl on the web and one day she started talking about my “sister”.

Just to set things straight I'm 19 not 6. All this shit, these stories, they are all made up – in my moms sick head. I was the one who played soccer and I was good. I was the one who told her it would be funny to put “speed” in some cookies for MY team because they are all slow… It was a joke. The kicking the wood shit is true – my coach did use that technique to practice fakes.

My fathers name is Mario Crowley and my mother maiden name is Beth Youngdo the math all you techno geeks. My mom lives in this dream world and all of you are egging her on… She doesn’t have a Dr.

She IS the Doctor.

And you all love it… You just suck it all up….

Stop typing and get a life


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