Monday, July 18, 2005

Sad, sad news to report

To all of Beth's faithful readers:

As you know, Beth has been on a tough journey through this life. She never had it easy; she struggled and struggled to be the best mom, and the best person she could be. She was willing to take chances, to explore, to see. I put her up to this public (e)flogging, in the hopes that it would help her journey. She was willing to bare her soul, and gave it a real try.

Alas, I have very sad news to report. Beth, as you know, recently took up with a guru who was leading her down another path. And, while she was following that path, she did some exotic things -- giving away material possessions, physical suplications, and "exotic" travel. Beth still loved to eat, and while in Pakistan, visiting an ice cream factory, Beth was one of the only foreigners killed in the factory explosion. (for details, see

Her children will remain with me for at least a little while.
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