Friday, July 15, 2005


I have found my new guru his name is Podu. He is wise and spiritual. I have broken up with my boyfriend and gave my ex-husband full custody of my children – Podu said this is the way.

I have learned that a person should not be too pure. Straight trees are cut first and pure people are first to be cast out I should never make associates with beings who are above or below my position.

Such friendships will by no means give you any contentment – this is the way.

For my offering of my car, Podu taught me that material things are just the material that binds us back – holding us back. I have drunk, but I am not sorry. This is the way that Podu showed me – how to drink life but in moderation.

I with 3 others will go on a pilgrimage to New Bedford Massachusetts to see the whaling port and meditate to the sounds of the whales. Podu thinks of this as his home, so we must visit. I am still apprehensive of cutting my hair “shedding my old self” as Podu puts it still is not comforting.

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