Friday, July 08, 2005

"Life is too important"

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."
- Oscar Wilde


There have been some comments recently questioning this "blog" form of therapy. Beth is a suffering patient; I am trying many forms of therapy to help all my patients. Remember they are suffering.

From "How People Change," by Allen Wheelis, is the following: "...yet we suffer too. Wealth and intelligence and good fortune are no protection. Haveing had good parents helps but guarantees nothing; miser comes equally to high born and low, comes with the gold spoon, to prince and princess and ladies-in-waiting, to groom and gamekeeper, to the might and the humble. We feel our suffering as alien, desperately unwanted, yet nothing imposes it. We eat, often exceedingly well..." (pp. 3-4).

I hope many of this blog's readers see Beth all over that description.

Sad, sad day

London blasted. More than 50 dead, too too many wounded. Beth, you were quite sad this morning. You understand, at least in theory, why this is okay. You're allowed to mourn and pray for people you don't know. Please make a few new posts here on how you are feeling. Maybe about Prince Charles and Camilla, two of your favorite people. I know that will make you smile.

(The two days of heavy rain in Providence isn't helping your mood, either.)
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