Monday, July 04, 2005

Pawtucket Red Sox - Best Value in Baseball!

The best family value in sports has to be the Pawtucket Red Sox. Ben Mondor has done a wonderful job, over many years, in creating a family friendly, wonderful place (McCoy Stadium) to take in a baseball game. Today they even had Curt Schilling play, trying to rehabilitate, but he didn't do too well. How often do you get to see an all star, up close, for $5.00?

Also, every July 4 weekend they have a great fireworks display. There was an unfortunate accident yesterday, but fortunately nobody got too hurt.

I will try to meet Beth there with the kids sometime in the next week.

Go Sox!


David Maslanka

David Maslanka
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Well I did it. I started walking. Today is my day of independence. I felt great all the way up until I banged my god damn foot on the corner of my bed. I woke up Mr. E. and he started to yell at me in Spanish or Portuguese – I was never good at languages. He had on those little boy shorts, the kind that has the mean face on them. I bought those new Nike shoes that make you feel like you are running bare foot, why did I buy them?!?! $79 for something I have already? I have bare feet – I know what it feels like to run with bare feet. Yeah painful!!! I have big feet for a woman. My arches are a bit high and they are falling rapidly.

Hey Nike! Go make some shoes that feels like you’re not exercising! Barefoot shoes, yeah they work…I got blisters. I was surprised the shoe box didn’t just contain a “Nike Stamp of a swoosh” with some “ink” that Michel Jordan endorses. Barfoot?

I walked from my house to the stop sign – that is about a ¼ mile, I was out of breath, but it felt great! (not my feet, I am soaking them in Palmolive) It’s the generic Stop & Shop brand but works just the same.

Mr. E had breakfast waiting for me when I got back. We had delicious makeup sex too. He loves doggie and having the TV on, it is a European thing. I am glad he moved in. I feel safer. He cleans too, so Maria does not have to come in the whole week. I think I love him.

I may be able to see my son and Lauren today at Marion’s BBQ. She didn’t call me back yet. Fingers crossed.

I am sweating like a pig. Who knew that walking and sex can make me this wet. I am drenched. I don’t glisten like those “Britney” with an “i” gals, I sweat…then I stink. I don’t know what it is, but Mr. E tells me I smell like clothes that were left in the washer that’s in my basement over night without drying them. That wet rug smell. The way he says it sound much cuter!

I tried those metal electronic pads that you place under your arm pits to stop you from sweating. They worked but my pits got all dry and crusty. They turned red and the skin flaked off. Do you know what large amounts dead arm pit skin smells like? Well, wet rug that a dog urinated on smells better. The Dr told me what the metal plates do is close your pores. He used a cheese grater type device to open them back up. He wrapped me so tight my arms couldn’t fall to their sides. I looked like Frankenstein. (And I didn’t smell that great)

I also tried crystals that you rub on places you sweat a lot.

Well the tour is on OLN.

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