Sunday, July 03, 2005

Public Post to beachcomber50

There has been a commenter on my blog that took the time to really read my entries and provides thoughtful inspirational comments. Not the silly one-liners like “beth, what is wrong with your kids” “beth you are a terrible mother” - I don’t know if people are just poking me with a stick to get a reaction or really feel that way.

So to beachcomber50 wherever and whoever you are I thank you. I write what I think and I think what I write – NO editing NO censorship – All comments bad or good will stay.
I need help, we all can see that. I am bitter, we all can see that. I am hurt, we all can see that.
BUT I am still a single mother trying just to livestrong like Lance – he is demonstrating this in France right as I type.


p.s. I can’t believe that Thomas Voeckler just got “king of the mountain” – the polkadots suit the little boy
Also thanks to Mar M. for showing me how to bold and color text!

Lance Armstrong 7

I support the Lance Armstrong Foundation – I have a yellow band and all that. I think everyone should. But why the 7 tours? Why not let someone else win? You know you can do it - you dominated for 6 record years - You beat cancer - you are an inspiration to all (even those without cancer). I find it strange the saying “beat cancer” – I thought cancer was caused by the person themselves and not by any virus or bacteria. Perhaps it’s a metaphor.

I can easily beat my daughter Lauren at soccer, and I’m not even that good. But I let her win to build her up. Lance should do the same. Keep the race close. Then stop right before the final stage finish line and let all other riders pass giving them, I don’t know, high fives when they pass his final goodbye to the sport – so they [the riders] could say "I beat Lance" But that would be an empty unearned win if they didn’t suffer for it…

With that said I hope that Lance Kicks all of their asses!

p.s. Especially that Thomas Voeckler kid – he smiles way too much.
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