Saturday, July 02, 2005

Public Opinion

Hey I see you dropped by….
Let me take it down to something we all can relate to, unless you don’t have a job. OK, we have this big grid at work to monitor client projects we are working on or have completed. Some are TV ads some are print ads. There would be a “check” or an “X” or an “O” for things that were completed (there was much debate, about 35 minutes, on how the chart was to be filled in and how it should look) “I like the color blue” “but I like the color orange” “My chart should fit on my screen” It was like I was watching Goldie Locks and the three bears make a spread sheet.

Anyway, to make it look like there was more done they assigned various symbols to represent completion. Now the chart would look more filled in even though only 3 things were really done. And even those ads were not really completely done. Some spots had to be reedited. The best part was they put an “X” for entire project timelines they thought “could be done” if they “had to” do them. Key word “had to”. The chart looked amazing – and that was the point, to look amazing. It didn’t really matter if the ads were done or not. People on the office just thought our division was efficient and cranking.

That’s why marketing is politics and politics is not a science. So don’t blame people for the political decisions they make with out knowing all of the “X”s and “O”s. If you are confused now, TOUGH.

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