Friday, July 01, 2005


I talked to my son today and he told me a really funny story how he tried out for the RI After School Night Basketball League. Well, he had to take some basketball test. He did terrible, it was hard not for me to laugh, if you know my son, he tests horribly. He once was tested for this quiz show “Math Minds” and he couldn’t even divide by tens. It’s not that he didn’t know the answers, just getting to the show was good enough for him – like that’s all he wanted. He did make a girl stop crying during rehearsals, because she was scared to go on TV. He gave her some stupid pep talk. She ended up winning the whole thing. She never called him back. I even think she gave him some wrong number.

Anyway my son had been practicing with some kids at the YMCA. He even got the kids in wheelchairs involved, he felt just because they are disabled doesn’t mean they can’t take part – I guess he just doesn’t like to win. Why would you want a guy with a handicap on your team? I would never let Lauren play with those people. He made one cripple a really good three point shooter. My son got a sponsor for just the practice team – who does that?

I think it was funny, when everyone got picked for the Night League the handicapped kids got taken before my son. He didn’t even get picked. He couldn’t dribble the ball for some reason he told me. It serves him right. What gets me is He wasn’t even mad….that would have drove me nuts.

I must say my son could make a good crip coach someday - I think I’ll buy him a whistle on a string to cheer him up.


Temporary Guardian

To clear things up: Beth has two children. I have currently been assigned as their temporary guardian because of my relationship with Beth and the fact their father is currently on business in Thailand – which, right now is not the best place especially for children. I would hate to see what would happen to Beth if her children were that far away. Beth is legally separated from her husband and he has won custody. Visitation is only permitted with supervision and with the consent by their father.

We hope to have this cleared up in a week or two.

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