Thursday, June 30, 2005

Numbers on CBS

I watched this very good show tonight, Numbers, on CBS. This one brother is in the FBI, the other is a mathematician who helps the FBI solve crimes. Very well done.

Rob Morrow is one of the stars. I heard he named his new kid Tu. That will certainly cause her problems when she gets to school age. What was he thinking?



I was spreading my wings a bit and checking out new blogs. I have found one that is real funny.

The people are strange and somewhat mean.

Well the topic today was about this man who stretched his penis. People were saying how big or small they were so I chimed in – I said I had a rather large vagina based on the fact I had three children. They test for this by using a tube and slowly fill the vagina with saline. I said In my case I like “bigger” men… Any man will do. So I thought this was funny. They pounced on me. One commenter Brad even talked about watching car parts and thinking about my vagina. He likes to stick fruit in tubes too. Targetgirl said she couldn’t eat. And some person “Too Scared to ID Myself” listed my profile on the blog!!!!

That is private information!!!

Then to top it off Aunt Nancy made fun of my father.


Crazy Daphne is not a reflection on you!

Beth -

We talked about your boss, Daphne, this week. She may be, as we say in the profession, "certifiable." (Grin)

Making everyone sing the Star Spangled Banner solo on the conference room table (all the verses) -- why? Counting all the half-used Post-It pads on everyone's desks -- huh? Recording all the keystrokes on everyone's computer -- so Nixon-esque. Having the whole company come in last Saturday, just so she could announce the company's new electricity usage policy -- control issues, for sure.

You're living in a Dilbert (well, Dilbertina) reality. You should write a comic book!

It isn't you, babe.

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