Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Soccer Tournament

I missed Lauren's soccer tournament in western Massachusetts last week. I haven't told her the whole story why, but I think she understands.

They played four games in 99 degree heat, and horrible humidity. I sent Lauren with my good friend Kathy (Meeghan's mom), and I also sent along Lauren's brother to act as chaperone. The girls won all their games (yeah!). I understand the highlight of the weekend was the big pool at the Holiday Inn on Saturday night. There was also a boys team staying at the same hotel, and they were all cooling off together.

When Kathy told me that my son disappeared, my face when white, but she reassured me that he showed the next morning safe and sound, and in a happy mood. I was relieved! Especially what I have been going through these past 2 weeks.
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