Sunday, June 12, 2005

Fantasy Shopping - Lingerie


You've given me a great idea. We've talked a few times in session about what a fantasy shopping trip would be for you. You've talked about your dream of a having $10,000 to spend on anything you want from Victoria's Secret.

Well, while you're at the Providence Place Mall with Lauren, why not do some "fantasy shopping" with her? Take her to Victoria's Secret, and share your fantasy! Show her what you would do on such a shopping trip - heck, she probably has some of her own opinions that would be great for you to hear about.

Keep up the good work!

Our Lady of Presentation School

Our Lady of Presentation School was closed a few days ago. Good! They had a tough soccer team that we may have had to go up against in "mini nats con". Parents picnicked, I mean protested in a park across from the school. Over 45 people "just waited" like fools in only 10 tents across from Our Lady of Presentation School. The Boston archdiocese closed the school a few days ago. Sweet! I know that I do it, but I hate watching parents in “groups” protest especially when the protest is done poorly. A little rain would have made them scatter.

Did you see how small those tents were? Never mind that they were all richy rich, North Face, GAP, Eddie Bauer tents, it was 4 people to a tent – and it was warm last night. Nasty!

Those tents were nice. My son says the tents come with this cover for the rain and it make extra storage for your shoes because you would want to leave those dirty things outside. I’ll be taking Lauren to the providence place mall today to see if I can find me a good one.
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