Friday, June 10, 2005


This is the best site for gifts for yourself not for dear old dad.
or if you want somthing more fun

Naked by the pool


You had told me you stopped using Visine some time ago. I know you were addicted at one time, but there were complications when breast feeding Lauren. Sounds like you have "fallen off the wagon."

Also, we definitely have some destructive behavior going on here. Your son should not be finding you naked by the pool, passed out!

Let's set up an extra session next week. Blog on!


Fathers Day

Still all red and son asked me what I was buying for Fathers Day. My face dropped. In my mind I was screaming!!! Why would I get that lazy ass anything? What did he do? Oh yeah "oops, don't worry it was only a little, is there any chicken left over"

So I said he is your dad not mine. You get him something.

Skinny Dipping

Last night I went skinny dipping. It was so hot, and I needed something to cool me off. I have central air, a top of the line brand. But I needed a jolt - so I stripped down to my view and jumped in my big pool. Then my eyes started to burn and then my skin. I got out right away. I have large red patched on my underarm and the back if my neck. My eyes looked like last year when I sneezed too hard and broke a blood vessel. I put Visine in my eyes, but I think squirted the bottle too hard and shot a stream of it onto my mouth and gulped it down. I thought if it can go in your eye. No bigge. Anyway Maria shocked the pool that morning. I was so mad I could have fired her right then and there but it was 2:00 am so I couldn't - but I would have!!! Then I got real cold, my eyes got all blurry and I passed out like I drank my favorite Vodka "the goose" My son found me this morning naked on a lounge chair and ask "why was he punished?"

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