Thursday, June 09, 2005

My beautiful daughter

Another photo of my beautiful daughter...


This is a great picture of Lauren - to bad my son had to be in it though. This could have gone in her book. We should have won that pageant.

Travel to Australia

That's great news, Beth! What a wonderful opportunity -- it's so good of your company to let you visit customers and prospects again.

Please keep and post notes about your trip to Australia, as well: preparation, the actual journey, sight seeing, etc. There are great internet cafes in every major city these days, and it is very cheap to get online for an hour or two.

What about Lauren?

Again, congrats!

- M


Guess what I just found out…I’m going to Australia!!! My company is sending me there for a Marketing Tradeshow / Expo! This will be my first time, so any sightseeing suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am officially off my DIET!!! WOO HOO!

I don’t believe what they say in the Princes Bride that Australia is populated entirely with criminals – they have come a long way. Just kidding.

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