Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Food for Today

I did great today!!!!

1 cup Cheerios
Whole Milk
Coffee black

Diet Coke
One doughnut
Glass of Water

Chicken Caesar Salad
Hand full of M&Ms
Glass of Water

Ensure Protein Shake (1 pack of sugar)
One can Yohoo

2 cups of green vegetables
Glass of Water

(2) Small pieces of apple pie
One scoop icecream (low fat)
Small square of cheese

home made toffee

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters had the nerve to remark negatively about public breast-feeding on her ABC talk show, "The View." To words for you Barb “Suck it!”

I absolutely do not see anything wrong with a mother breast feeding her child. It is pure and innocent. You are giving part of yourself to your child. It is basically a surrogate connection (mother to child) to ease postpartum blues.

People will watch Britney Spears or Paris Holton half naked on TV, but find it repulsive when a woman who may be slightly unattractive nourish her offspring. Shame I say! Shame on you Barbara Walters!!!

I breast fed Lauren until she was 4 years old. (Right on the soccer field when she was in U5 division) I would let her have a drink if she was thirsty. No one saw anything wrong with it.
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