Monday, June 06, 2005

Caught and Embarrassed

Well I went to my sons room to let him off punishment, and he was playing this volleyball video game without any pant on. OR UNDERPANTS!!! He was playing with himself while playing a video game.

This video game has scantily clad buxom women in bathing suites playing volleyball. They were bouncing all over the place. I thought it was an action fighting game like the other ones I got him. I am not sure if I was more embarrassed catching him masturbating or realizing that he was left handed.

Keyra Movie

Keyra II: Electric Bootyloo Video - [Not Suitable For Work]
She was formerly known as the Mystery Booty, Keyra is back in this "homemade" college tape. I could have done a better production....

How is it possible for a small girl like her to have a bottom so big? My bottom is big, but so it everything else on me! I wonder if she is a ballet dancer? I had a friend in College who always said she had a dancers behind. Well, she could use that thing like a book shelf.

When I showed my daughter the video of Keyra she said that soccer players get the same way because they run side to side. Where does she learn these things?

Well I punished my son for showing me this – I am sure he has watched much more graphic images…but to show your mother. I feel a little responsible because I asked him about it – He told me that we watched it on Howard Stern a few months back. Then took me to the site. Ok Ok… I will take him off punishment. Not like being sent to his room is punishment - with his Xbox, Game Cube, DVD player, computer, and plasma screen TV it is far from punishment.
To the ladies: the guys at work loved it when I took them to my office to show them. I like to be chummy with the guys, makes me feel young. I know 40 is not old, but it is nice for a man to look at you every now and again.

Keyra II Electric Bootyloo

Apparently there is some sick person that connects to my site by way of "Keyra II: Electric Bootyloo". Please if you are looking for Keyra, or Electric Bootyloo – You can find them someplace else. I believe it is because they used “soccer balls” on the page.

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