Saturday, June 04, 2005

Wasp Trap

I have a very nice backyard. I like to enjoy my nice backyard. It’s sometimes hard when you have a bunch of flying wasps, hornets and yellow jackets around messing up your brunch or dinner party.

My son made these things that kill the little bugger with juice. He is a genius.

He took a Poland Springs one gallon jug from a neighbors recycling bin (we only drink Fiji bottled water) and just cut a small hole in the bottom. Maria filled it up with some juice that she brought from home. The jug has a handle so he just tied it to a tree about 23 feet away (he says) from our brand new deck. The deck is made with this plastic/wood stuff, it’s just fabulous. I am not sure where he learns this stuff.


Why do people insist on doing stupid things to get attention? 2 rock climbers got married on top of Mt. Everest? Why? Where was the family of these two?


My SUV Haiku

My safe S U V
Fast goes she as the wind blows
Gas, gas and more gas
She is a 1999 Suburban
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