Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Lauren

Lauren, from my new digital camera.

One of the few sunny days this spring.

I couldn't have done this without my son (he did it all, actually).

"Equal" Partner

Do you think it's possible to be a stay-at-home mom and truly be an "equal" partner to your working husband? had to do a report on this - I guess this is because they want to keep people believing that we are inferior.

Eyes wide shut

Yesterday was Ed and Melanie’s turn for snacks - They always try to schmooze the referees at the half with their “oh sooo great melt in your mouth” brownies.

Well, I know the truth; they buy them at freaking Stop & Shop. I saw them buy them first hand. But they tell everyone it is their own recipe that they created and baked them that morning. Mel with her cute pixie hair - makes me sick. Is it possible to be too in shape?

Well I know this is wrong, but this “fakeness” was going on for too long and the "Tigers" have girls that are way older than 11 - I know this for a fact. If they just submitted to bone tests like I asked for last year...but that, I know doesn't matter.
So I bought the same brownies, the same frosting, but I added something special - Benadryl. Not too much I am not a whacko. I slid them on the table and I made sure our coach did not let them eat any sweets in the middle of the game – but for some reason he knew what I was up to.

My daughter Lauren ate four, but that was her own fault, she know what she needs to do - poor thing has to wear a boy's 14 year old jersey I had to buy her (in that awful color) – I still am mad at Suzi. I still think requesting, well demanding my daughter be goalie may be awful for her self esteem - I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. Ralph told me it is good strategy cover up more of the goal area, but she’s so slow. I will take her out to the mall this weekend.

I must admit the brownies were good, I snuck one - but I paid the price not being able to keep my eyes open for the BBC show “The Office”. There is a US version my son said but I wasn’t quite listening because I was think of a title for this post.
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