Sunday, May 01, 2005


The team uniforms arrived today. I EXPLICITLY put down "Youth Large" on the application. That equipment Nazi Suzi knows how big Lauren is, and could have gotten her a Youth Large. Even an adult small would have been better than that Youth Medium. Her arms look like bleached sausages coming out of those tiny sleeves. Poor girl, it’s a gland thing.

And who picked those uniform colors??? We got this dark maroon, which looks like dried blood. What happened to red and white tops with the star gradation? We talked about this at the last team meeting. The worst thing is, I bought Lauren the X32Pro Adidas soccer cleats the ones with the cute red stripes, well they clash embarrassingly with the uniform socks.

I'll have to waste a Sunday to take her back to get a new pair of cleats. The real pity is my Ann Taylor kick-arounds I got because they matched Lauren's red stripes. Suzi should immediately be replaced.

It's a good thing that Maria has the same shoe size as me. If I haven't told you, Maria's our housekeeper. Now that we got over the early earring incident, I've freely started giving her all my old shoes, rather than just throwing them out. I only take out half the price from Maria’s pay, that’s right I said half, so everyone wins!
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