Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What If?

Questions to get people thinking, and talking:

What if all of a sudden all the glue on Sticky Notes became super sticky, like Super Glue, instead of barely sticky like the notes are now?

What if videoconferencing were free, and available for every room in your house?

What if Woody Allen had been female?

What if your TV could transmit appropriate smells into your living room during a broadcast?

What if everyone named Robert in your home town was given one million dollars today?

What if pigs actually could fly?

What if car exhaust got you high, with no negative effects?

What if every kiss took a day off your life? (What if every kiss added a day to your life?)

What if nobody (zero people) went to their job one day?

What if all bees suddenly became extinct?

What if all the N's were somehow erased from all files on all computers?

What if all the lights in your town only shown at ten percent of their current illumination?

What if cars could only have three tires?

What if pizza could be delivered right through your cell phone?

What if you were to develop an allergy to water?

What if concrete started decaying after 50 years, crumbling and turning to dust?

What if all the pictures in your house were upside down?


Blogger Miguel Cabana said...

WHAT IF someone who said they were gonna write about soccer actually wrote about soccer?

1:00 PM  

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