Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lance Armstrong 7

I support the Lance Armstrong Foundation – I have a yellow band and all that. I think everyone should. But why the 7 tours? Why not let someone else win? You know you can do it - you dominated for 6 record years - You beat cancer - you are an inspiration to all (even those without cancer). I find it strange the saying “beat cancer” – I thought cancer was caused by the person themselves and not by any virus or bacteria. Perhaps it’s a metaphor.

I can easily beat my daughter Lauren at soccer, and I’m not even that good. But I let her win to build her up. Lance should do the same. Keep the race close. Then stop right before the final stage finish line and let all other riders pass giving them, I don’t know, high fives when they pass his final goodbye to the sport – so they [the riders] could say "I beat Lance" But that would be an empty unearned win if they didn’t suffer for it…

With that said I hope that Lance Kicks all of their asses!

p.s. Especially that Thomas Voeckler kid – he smiles way too much.


Anonymous david maslanka said...

Cancer is caused by the person themselves? Are you blaming people for the cancer they get? Cancer is caused by numerous reasons, including enviormental factors.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous CallOut said...

Yo fool,
Cancer is the result of gene damage (mutations) brought on by aging, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise or too much sun. Pretty much all by the body...Did you want it? is a dif story - did you say "hey body" give me cancer - Um no... but your body said, hey fool guess what I'm doing. Look up the word "Histamine" David. You didn't say..."body please freakout beacause a small amount of dog spit got on me"

11:03 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

David stop commenting. Cause and blame are very different things.
Cause: that which brings about any condition or produces any effect.
Blame: the assignment of responsibility from one entity to another. Blaming is the action of assigning this blame to another, often from oneself.

My father had cancer. My grandmother had cancer. I never once said “Mama, it’s your own fault – why you are dieing”. Even my father explained to me why when he was in the hospital and getting stuck with tubes pumping that shit into his body…his hair falling out, weak, he said, “Beebee my body is just acting up a bit and they have to punish parts”
God, I was fucking seven years old, you dick, you ignorant jackass (Yeah, so your right I blame my dad for getting cancer for leaving my mom and my brother – you think that’s funny I guess) – don’t post here.

Cancer is caused by the person’s body. That’s what they say. You have to poison your body by injecting yourself with really bad stuff in order to kill parts of your body. You can’t put cancer in a box or test tube or vile. You don’t “catch” cancer like a flu or cold. Cancer is not airborne...

So to beat cancer is to beat ones own self – the ultimate challenge.

Please leave.

9:51 AM  
Blogger beachcomber50 said...

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6:47 PM  
Anonymous David said...

Listen. You have posted some freaky stuff here. I was just trying to clarify your post, because it appeared that you were saying that the people caused their cancer. You are not the only person in the world that has lost family members to cancer, so quit acting like the only bad things that have ever happened in the world happened to you.
You say "cancer was caused by the person themselves not by any virus or bacteria." Not true, HPV has been shown to cause cancer. Direct your anger where it should be.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeace said...

I gots google too Be-Och! You both talking the same thing... just at diff levels of Ab-strac-shown-aye!

I;ll goes one steps further... sex causes cancer. Yo I said. SEX.

Becuase HPV can be transmitted via sex - and HPV causes cancer.

Peer presur causes cancer...yo chew on that booboo! becuase the cool kids smoke, you want to smoke, and it really does look cool...I should know, I smoke. Smoking causes cancer...

You all are silly people and should learn hot to play Chess

Also for you out there saying what the fuck is HPV...

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
In the United States, HPV is considered to be the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD). Some studies estimate that the majority of the sexually active population is exposed to at least one or more types of HPV - although most do not develop detectable symptoms.

What about HPV and cervical cancer?
There are many different types of genital HPV.
Only certain types of HPV are linked with cervical cancer. These are usually called "high-risk" types.
The types of HPV that cause raised external genital warts are not linked with cancer. These are called "low-risk" types.
These wart-types of HPV usually are not usually found on a female's cervix, and therefore, are not going to carry any risk of cancer.
It is common for a person to be exposed and have more than one type of HPV, including several "high-risk" types. Yet, most women do not develop cervical cancer.
Cervical cancer usually takes years to develop.
The majority of cases of cervical cancer are in women who have either never had a Pap smear, or have not had one in five years or more.
Cervical cancer can be prevented if a female gets a Pap smear at regular intervals. This way, if abnormal cell changes are found, it can be monitored and / or treated before progressing to cervical cancer.
Most of the time, men will not have any symptoms or health risks such as cancer with the "high-risk" types of HPV. It is the female's cervix that needs to be monitored.

9:29 AM  

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