Friday, June 03, 2005

Traveling Tips

Bonnie's Tips on Traveling to the Virgin Islands

I copied this from an e-mail bonnie sent me before we left:

  • Ship your clothes and food via UPS or FEXEX two weeks in advance.
  • Do not bring on any carryon bags or check luggage at the gate.
  • Always ask for the “aisle seat” for more leg room or “middle seat” for 2 arm rests. If you are in the aisle seat put up the arm rest of the middle seat for more room. The person in the middle seat will not complain.
  • Never ask for a “window seat” it is hard to go to the bathroom.
  • Always ask for the “Exit Row” even if you can’t so any of the tasks required – if the plane goes down – you will most likely die.
  • If traveling with others - have seats assigned away from each other.
  • Save “empty seats” by leaving items – so that you can move to a full row to lay down
  • If you do not have clothes when you arrive, most good hotels will allow you to pick out items from the gift shop for free
  • Do bring your own tiny/small dog biscuits to feed fish
  • Take Safaris not Taxis – taxis are a rip off
  • Do take advantage of complementary hotel lobby items like afternoon soft drinks and morning coffees
  • Run the shower with cold water if your bathrooms do not have blowers (for bad smells)
  • Bring dark swim pants (like pajama bottoms), long knee socks, and light long sleeve shirt to snorkel (it prevents burning) at the end of the trip wearing these clothes will make you look like you’re a survivor that has been trapped in a deserted island. The looks are priceless.
  • Do not hang clothes outside – they will never dry because of the humidity.
  • Do learn local selling strategies / scams before you go.
  • Do network with locals to see if you can get a cut of their scams by sending people their way. If the locals say no then under cut them by learning palm weaving, create an “American $2 Taxi”, rent umbrellas, or rent lounge chairs - its fun and you get to meet people this way.
  • Wear old beat up clothes. Never wear loud Hawaiian shirts or fancy dresses, who are you trying to impress?
  • Wear clothing that can have multiple purposes.
  • Wring out wet clothes in hotel towels.
  • Hide one or two hotel towel per day so that at the end of the week you will have extra towels to wring out clothes.
  • Ship, bring, or save plastic bags for wet clothes and sandy items.
  • Duty free does not mean cheap or a good deal.
  • Kmart sells alcohol – Cheap!
  • Grocery stores sell alcohol even cheaper!
  • Kmart also sells every cheesy souvenir you can imagine too
  • Remember restaurants deliver (sometimes for free)
  • Do not take the “all inclusive packages” you spend more money than it is worth and you’re locked into one hotel for meals.
  • Pace yourself. Do not try to do it all the first day. The activities that the hotels might provide are really not that great – unless they work on a point system where you win stuff at the end of the trip the more stuff you do (Sandals Resorts / Beaches).
  • Do go off of the property
  • Give a local kid/teenager coming out of school $20-$30 to take you around.
  • Don’t take the soap and shampoo from the hotel.


Blogger Miguel Cabana said...

What does this has to do with soccer? Your wasting my time!

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Monty said...

I think you are missing the point. Beth is not a soccer expert.

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