Tuesday, June 28, 2005

At First Sight

I don’t know how to explain it, maybe I’m different, maybe I am crazy, but it all just made sense at that moment. Imagine David, a beautiful woman (or man whatever way you go) that you have never met gives you a few smiles. You are not sure they are directed at you but then you notice her looking at you. At you David! That in itself was unbelievable to me. For so long I was unnoticed. That feeling you get inside…what would you call that? The electricity? chemistry? It made me pretty again.

I am a shy person David. That awkward and somewhat gross situation made me confident. It showed me that others are as dim-witted as me or as all the movies I love say “human”.

Also I loved the fact that you used “Kleenex” that is like saying Band-Aid, Xerox, DVD (which most people think is a format)… I work with “brand imprint” all of the time. Why did you write Kleenex? Why not tissue?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL I say band aide all the time!!!

4:18 PM  

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