Saturday, May 21, 2005


I was running a little late getting Lauren to today's game – I do have a life. Being a full time mother, with a full time job, and going to school full time at night is extremely hard. She should understand what I go through everyday to provide her with the lifestyle we have. 15 minutes will not kill her.

But today of all days there was a freakin car wash going on behind the high school. The traffic jam went all the way out onto West Main Road. I read about this in a magazine or watched on discovery, I’m not sure which, but what I do know is traffic is like a slinky (the toy).

Anyway this giganto SUV (way to big for a family person, never mind just one person) cut in front of me, missing my Suburban by inches. I was telling this to my friend as it happened. I am surprised that near miss didn’t make me drop my cel. By the way AT&T has the best deal going. You can talk to anyone.

What the F was Father Mathers thinking? Jesus, does he think the extra 10 seconds he saved by almost killing me was going to win the game for his new team? He needs to pray more.

It gets better

When I finally got behind the high school to the parking lot, all of a sudden I couldn’t see anything. My car started shaking and people were punching on my widows. I told Jeannette I had to go and I slowly opened up my door to see what was happening. The softball team captain Jessica walked over and asked for $15.

That’s right, $15 and she wasn’t kidding. Just to wave some soapy towels around, pretending to wash my car? Who were they kidding? I told them I only had a credit and no cash. They told me they couldn’t rinse my car off then. Touché Jessica, Touché…

After I magically found $15 dollars in my purse we got to the game.

Wonder if my son knows when the boy’s football team is doing a car wash? I hope it hot that day!


Blogger Marion F. Young said...

There are I recommend you buy, to read in whatever spare minutes you can find. The first is Minute Meditations for Busy Moms
by Emilie Barnes. The second is Busy Mom's Guide To Prayer by Lisa Whelchel.

Maybe you can find an hour a month for a book club, or just find a friend to discuss these two great books.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone should make every effort to support youth fundraising activities (be they car washes, cookie sales, wrapping paper, or whatever). The cost to you is minimal (don't buy a cup of coffee for a week!) (and don't forget, tax deductible!) And, unless you've participated, you can't imagine the invaluable help every little contribution means to these organizations.

For the soccer team, it may mean a new net. For the brownie troop, a museum pass. For the church, a new prayer book.

Lots of little donations really add up!

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Max said...

I could not disagree with you more. There is no need for the (with full offence) STUPID “fundraisers” you listed. Tax deductible? Don’t make me laugh, my lips are chapped. A “bake sale” is such a band aid solution to a much larger problem.
How many bake goods net sales would it take to equal the cost to reseed the soccer field? Ok now add that to how much time moms and dads have to work or in most cases “last minute shop” for said bake goods. Minus the items not sold. Now divide that by the homemade items. Multiply that by the stupid signs that are created. Subtract the cost of gas / water / paper / pens / napkins. Now add that to the amount of time standing by the bake sale table. Multiply that to the more than 1 meeting that was needed to be had discussing what type of “theme” the bake sale will be. Divide that by the time spent in meetings to decide that you will have bake sale this year instead of the oh so wonderful, over priced, you only get 2 sheets, that rip real easily, ugly wrapping paper fundraiser you did last year……

Anyway carwashes, candy bars, bake sales are the lazy way to not raise any money and waste a few weekends – and slowly bleed money from parents - that if they just thought out the solution they would be better off.

Here was our town’s solution to the leveling / seeding of the field. We got together with to power house companies (one a golfing manufacture and the other a landscaping company) We devised a PR stunt that used old golf shoes worn buy kids to simply walk across people lawns to aerate the ground and the landscaping company would then use last years (AKA old) slow release fertilizer to spread over the lawns. We were in a few gold magazines. Every step that each child took yielded around .33 cents a step. That year we were able reseal the track, and put up high output lights for football and baseball – seed the field and get new golf carts for the filed house.

By the way can I have a receipt for that 1.00 cookie I just over paid for?

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Max needs to need to chill the foobar out! Pay the gosh danr mother father $1. Cheese and crackers will it kill you? Ice hole!
Holly Sheet
Pa-cock (like the roster)

8:42 AM  

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