Sunday, April 17, 2005

I didn't know

I thought the title part of the page I fill out was the title of the whole thing. Sorry....

But the kids are in bed or watching tv so I thought I would write and get my quota for this week. Saturday was the first day of Soccer pre practice. I am all for this pre practice. At first Ralph was as I thought a jackass. But he changed my mind late in the day when he started showing the girls these foot drills, where they had to kick short pieces of wood (the kind that you get at home depot) stuck in the ground. The object was to kick the wood without kicking the ball that was placed near the wood. They all had to do this without looking down. He wanted them to look at other players on the field. He told the other parents that the drill was to help them practice faking while toughing up their feet at the same time. But I knew better. I was trying to teach this to Lauren last year.

You see “Heart” is a big part of all sports, except figure skating, curling, and hockey --- pretty much all sports on ice. That is just silly. Ice? Heart is what makes the team win even if they are losing at the half. They dig deep and pull through. Anyhow the heart of the team can be easily broken – it sound cliché, but it’s true. The health of the team’s heart (like the Pawtucket Pandas) sometimes can rest on one girl. In the Pandas case it’s Amy. She is sort of the team captain but there are no team captains in this Division 2 RI Jr. Soccer League.

Now if my Lauren were to be able to kick this girl Amy in the knee making her unable to play that would give us an extremely huge advantage. The reason why I like Ralph is because he is stepping it up by making them do it without looking at the person. Think about it, you’re a young girl on the field and your friend the star player gets ruthlessly kicked in the leg and the girl kicking her is looking directly and meanly at you --- like you’re next… Have to go Lauren wants juice.


Anonymous ann said...

I think your wrong about the hokey thing – big men, all covered with sweat, with sticks, all fighting to score. Make me a little hot. ;) <- that is a wink just in case you didn’t know.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Miguel Cabana said...

What kind of drill is that to work on with young kids and soccer? Youth coaches in countries where soccer is real would never do such a think!

9:52 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

You are right Miguel , in those countries they are much more ruthless. We must be harder on our girls. Do you know of any better techniques we can use to help us win? I have seen some work done with tripping. Do you know of any drills for tripping?

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Alice said...

Now that is really Fucked up! Kicking wood?

4:54 AM  

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