Friday, April 15, 2005

Confessions of a Soccer Mom

I don't know all the wiz bang things this bloger thing does and I don't care. I am just doing this as a part of my therapy.

If any of you nerds out there want to help me out, feel free to mind your own business. I'm doing this not to have that super cool world wide web intanet - I'm doing this for my kids. If you don't have kids then you won't understand. This is just a journal.

Here goes
I got a call from Lauren's coach today. I don't know Ralph Paolino, I'm not sure how you spell the guy's name, but I'm a real bad speller...anyway he sounds like a real jackass. Did he have to call me at work??? He was all enthusiastic and everything, like he took happy pills. He was all about the "team building" and "character molding" all I know is that my daughter better f---ing get on first string. (My therapist told me I can use harsh lanuguage to express how I feel I never ever use cures words in front of my daughter or son.)

I hope Ralph is better than last years coach, Father Mathers. He was such a wuss. No sliding tackles? Come on, I am glad they told him to pick up his skirt and get off the field.

Jesus, I can't believe another season is starting so soon. Like my Saturdays aren't busy enough with tae bo and video editing class (we now can have movies). Another few months of trudging to the high school, why can't 13 year olds drive themselves? They can be drafted to fight in wars but not drive - this is what's wrong with this country.

But I do it, I sacrifice my own time for my children, because I know that they know that I know they love the game.


Anonymous ann said...

lol (laugh out loud) we in the blog world use a lot of that abbreviation stuff – I am just picking up on it. I asked myself the same question about my little boy driving me to the park once in a while.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Tomm_M209 said...

I would love it if my daughter could just drive ME around. But I know we would just get lost because she is just a little "woman" driver.

We would go to malls and toy stores to just pick up something "quick"

-T Bone

6:08 PM  

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